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Convenience – The Way of The Future


Convenience – The Way of The Future

Posted by Steve Thompson in Uncategorized 19 Jun 2017

With our online registration and free pick up and delivery services, we are looking more and more like today’s online retailers. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our home and office delivery services.

Why do you offer free pick up and delivery?

It is really quite simple.  This is how everyone in Jacksonville who uses dry cleaning on a regular basis can get our quality and service in a convenient and cost effective manner.  And as more folks purchase things on line for home delivery it truly does make sense. Right Amazon?

Is this service really free or does it really cost more to have my clothes picked up and delivered?

You will pay the exact same amount as our walk in clients pay.  There are no additional delivery fees or hidden costs, minimums or contracts.

How can you do this and not lose your shirt?

It is much more economical to run our delivery vehicles than to open retail store fronts that require full time staffing.  Our routes are designed for efficiency and for clients who dry clean on a somewhat regular schedule.  That is why we ask route customers to use us at least once per month and average at least $30 per month in cleaning.

Do I have to be home to use this service?

Absolutely not.  Just place your dry cleaning in the orange laundry bag we provide on your front porch on your scheduled pick up day and we will return your clean and pressed garments  to your door in a couple of days

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