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All Dry Cleaners are About the Same…. Not!!!


All Dry Cleaners are About the Same…. Not!!!

Posted by Steve Thompson in Uncategorized 20 Jun 2017

I am asked often by prospective customers what sets us apart from other dry cleaners.  After all,  aren’t they pretty much the same?  My answer is absolutely not!  It is kind of like comparing cars… they all may get you there, but the ride is a whole lot different between a BMW (had to make this reference, Brian Bush is a customer) or a Yugo.  This may be a bad analogy since the Yugo probably would strand you.

And your choice of a cleaner depends on what is important to you.  If you value price over quality and service, the discount cleaners may be your preference.  But don’t expect quality craftsmanship or any type of guarantee from these operations.  It is a matter of economics, when you don’t charge enough to cover the cost of quality experienced labor, spotting chemicals, and proper maintenance of equipment and solvents the clothes will not be cleaned, pressed or packaged in a manner that keeps garments looking their best.  .

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best quality, service, and convenience offered in our industry.  That means we do the little things the cheap guys just can’t offer.  For example, our staff consists of people who have decades in the dry cleaning and shirt laundry business.  Many grew up doing this kind of work.  We use high quality detergents in our dry cleaning and laundering machines, keep our press pads in good condition, we don’t overload machines, and our pressers do not take short cuts.  We inspect each item after it is cleaned and if it fails to meet our standards it is returned for further attention.

We even pay close attention to our packaging.

But most importantly we stand behind our work.  We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and we are the only area cleaner to offer a $5 broken or missing shirt button guarantee.

So are we for everyone? Probably not.  But with our commitment to quality, service and convenience we probably should be your cleaner.  Call us today at 904-745-5010 and let’s see if we are right for you


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