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Helpful Tips




  1. Here are some suggestions to help you get the best results from our services:
  2. If you stain a garment bring it for cleaning as soon as possible.  If left to long, stains and soils may be impossible to remove.
  3. Please discuss any stains with us.  Be sure to point out any stains which are light or invisible to the eye.  These may be stains from fruit drinks, wines, etc.
  4. Protect your garments as much as possible from excessive perspiration and moisture.  This is especially true for silks and linens.
  5. Keep garments away from contact with lotions, perfumes, etc.  In addition, keep clothes from extended exposure to direct sunlight.
  6. Do not press clothes which have been stained or soiled prior to cleaning.  This might set some stains permanently.
  7. These are just a few tips to help you make sure your clothes are kept neat and fresh between cleanings.  Call us if you have any questions regarding garment care.